Sunday, December 03, 2006

Registration for Comments?

A reader writes:
Hey hymie kike remember to put in a registration feature so anonymous users can't post comments like mine go do that hymie kike

Hmmm...I invite someone named Norman Finkelstein to join the blog, and the next thing I know, I get my first piece of anti-semitic commentary. My guess is that Mr. A. U. Akbar here is actually a member of my local Jewish Federation, maybe one of the folks who wants me to block that other Norman Finkelstein (whom I've neither met nor read) from getting tenure. Or maybe one of that other Norman's enemies from Colombia--the University, not the country.

Still, just so he won't feel put out over having tracked his nemesis (or at least someone with the same name) over the waves of cyberspace, I'll take Reb Akbar's advice--unless you, cher Norman, object.

Until tomorrow, then:


Rachel said...

I got the very same piece of comment spam. I deleted it, and am doing my best to ignore it.

I will begin requiring registration if and when I decide that's what's needed to keep the level of comment spam low...not because some stranger thinks calling me names is a reasonable response to my blog posts. :-)

E. M. Selinger said...

Well, that suggests I was wrong (and scurillous--scurrilous? whatever the spelling) in my suggestion about who posted this. I still doubt it was a Muslim, though, whatever the signoff, and that's the part of the message that bothers me most: the invitation to nastiness on my part.

Goodness, it's been a long week already. And it's only Monday.